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Grab a Snack at the Malahat Skywalk!

Whether you have lived on Vancouver Island your entire life or are simply passing through, the Malahat Skywalk is a fun tourist destination worth visiting and experiencing. Read on to find out why the Skywalk is one of the island's top tourist destinations and a must-see attraction!

From Idea to Inception

In August of 2021, the latest tourist attraction to hit Canada opened its doors to the public: The Malahat Skywalk. David Greenfield and Trevor Dunn, who were behind the creation of both the Sea-to-Sky Gondola and the Squamish Oceanfront, approached The Malahat First Nation with a proposal to erect an architecturally stunning viewpoint which would pay homage to the natural world and remain accessible to all. The Skywalk was mutually designed and built in partnership between the Malahat First Nation and the A. Spire by Nature group, inviting architect Brent Murdoch to design a sustainable and accessible building which highlights the artwork and culture of the Malahat First Nations people. The structure itself utilizes local timber and steel in an aesthetically pleasing spiral which places the viewer 250 meters above the Salish Sea.

From The Ground Up

Located only 35 km from Downtown Victoria, B.C., the Skywalk’s parking lot can be found just off of the beautiful Malahat Highway (TransCanada Highway). An elevated, wheelchair and stroller-accessible boardwalk, spanning 600 metres and surrounded by Arbutus and Douglas fir trees, leads towards the central hub of the Skywalk. Along the boardwalk, you can find numerous works of art created by Tanya Bub, which are unique art installations made from local driftwood.

The 360 degree lookout point is elevated 820 feet above sea level and provides sprawling views of the Salish Sea, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Saanich Inlet, Saanich Peninsula, Mt. Baker, Finlayson Arm, and the Coast Mountain Range. The spiral walkway is a marvel of architectural beauty. It is 10 stories tall and is built from steel and large timber beams which were sourced from a mill less than 2 kilometres away.

Fun Exit Strategies

If you have never experienced walking on a net suspended 10 stories high, now is your chance! Enjoy the view of the spiral structure below and of the surrounding Arbutus forest. Once you’ve checked that off of your bucket list, you can either descend the same way you came up, or let your inner child free by opting for the enclosed slide, which features 65 feet of galvanized steel tubes and a cozy fabric mat to take you down safely. It's so much fun, you might want to walk back up and do it all over again!


The Malahat Skywalk features its very own cafe with a variety of local food and beverage options, including trail mix from yours truly: Vancouver Island’s Own. You can find our Juan De Fuca Trail Mix, which features a decadent blend of dry-roasted brazil nuts, cinnamon-roasted almonds, and salted pistachios, with our signature espresso dark chocolate granola clusters and unsweetened tart cherries, as well as our Malahat Trail Mix (formerly known as our Vancouver Island Trail Mix), which contains a blend of dry-roasted almonds, walnuts, and cashews, with milk chocolate-covered PB-granola, freeze-dried banana cubes, and perfectly toasted coconut ribbons.

The Malahat Skywalk is an excellent one-stop-shop for adventure, food, and fun for the whole family! Check it out next time you're in Victoria, BC, and be sure to give Vancouver Island's Own trail mix a try while you're there.

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