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It's Official: SuperButters are HERE!

We've been looking forward to the release of our newest line of products, and we're happy to announce they are finally here! Read on to find out what exactly a 'SuperButter' is, why you should eat it, and where you can buy it!

Peanut, Almond, Hazelnut Butter, Nut Butter, Super Butter, Gourmet Butter, VIO, Victoria BC, Vancouver Islands Own

We coined the name 'SuperButter' because these nut butters are not your average nut butter. We have spent months eating a small amount of these SuperButters every day, and let us tell you, we have noticed a huge improvement in our overall health! So what is a SuperButter, exactly? Let's dive in!

If you didn't already know, we're pretty nuts about nuts. We eat nut butter on a daily basis; we spread it on toast, add a spoonful to smoothies, slather it on fresh baked goods, and mix it into our morning oatmeal. Sometimes we'll savour a spoonful before bed if we're feeling peckish, or use it as a dip for fruit slices as a healthy dessert. We (like many others) try to sneak in as many healthy supplements and powders as we can into our daily life - from added protein to extra vitamins and minerals, we know how hard it can be to reach our daily quota of ultra-nourishing foods. Hence, the idea of SuperButters was born!

We wanted to create a nut butter that combined our delicious fresh-from-the-harvest nuts with some of our favourite powdered health supplements to create a SuperButter you have to taste to believe! Each ingredient in our SuperButters is designed to target and enhance a specific function of your body, and optimize health and longevity simply by adding this delicious and easy-to-eat snack food to your diet! I'm sure you want to know what all these amazing ingredients are, so let us explore them:

Dry-roasted Nuts: The base of our SuperButters is our always-fresh, always-delicious dry-roasted nuts. We purchase nuts that are fresh from the harvest and slowly dry-roast them, increasing their digestibility and flavour. These are then crushed and ground to release their natural oils, which turn into nut butter without the need to add any extra oil!

Adaptogens: Adaptogen is a fancy term for herbs that help support your body's resilience and adaptability when it comes to important adrenal system functions (your adrenals are the part of your body responsible for regulating your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, and response to stress). Our adaptogen blend contains 4 herbs, which each have their own unique functions:

  • Siberian Ginseng: provides anti-stress and anti-inflammatory responses in the body

  • Astragalus: provides immune support

  • Ashwagandha: works as a general tonic and promotes vitality

  • Red/Black/Yellow Maca: improves sexual health, enhances endurance/stamina, and strengthens bones

Mushroom Powder Blend: Our blend of dried and powdered mushrooms work synergistically with your body to improve immune function, and act as little super-heroes in your body to fight off any invading forces that are trying to get you down! Our mushroom powder blend includes:

  • Chaga: Helps to boost the immune system while balancing blood sugar and detoxifying the blood and liver.

  • Reishi: Boosts the immune system while delivering anti-inflammatory, sleep-promoting, antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

  • Cordyceps: Relieves fatigue and general weakness, while improving respiratory function and improved sexual function (bow chicka wow wow).

  • Turkey Tail: Helps in all aspects of immune function, and as a side note, is incredibly gorgeous (if you don't believe me, find a photo)!

  • Lion's Mane: Modulates the immune system, and can help ease gastritis, as well as encourage nerve growth.

  • Maitake: Immune-booster extraordinaire, this little cluster of mushrooms is full of vitamins and minerals which provide nutritional value while reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood glucose and insulin sensitivity.

Peanut, Almond, Hazelnut Butter, Nut Butter, Super Butter, Gourmet Butter, VIO, Victoria BC, Vancouver Islands Own

"So where can I purchase these jars of totally incredible SuperButters?"

Our SuperButters are officially available for purchase through our website, but if you would rather save some money and see our smiling faces, you can purchase whichever flavour of SuperButter tickles your fancy directly from us at the Moss Street Market in Fairfield on Saturdays from May - October, between 10am-2pm. If evening markets are more of your thing, you can catch us at the Esquimalt Farmers Market this year (2023) on Mondays from June 19 - September 4, between 4:30pm-7:30pm. If you'd like to stay up-to-date on which retail locations will be carrying our products, please follow us on instagram, facebook, twitter, or check back in to the website as we continue to update things! We look forward to seeing you during market season, and can't wait to see how these SuperButters enhance your life!

Vancouver Island’s Own is a family-owned and operated business specializing in gourmet, vegan, and organic granola & trail mix, handmade with love in Victoria, BC. We believe in encouraging others to explore and connect with the environment in order to ensure our collective well-being.

VIO, Victoria BC, Vancouver Islands Own

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