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Owners of Vancouver Island's Own posing for a photo

Meet The Owners

True foodies at heart and soul, Sean and Mariah share a love of both tantalizing foods and spending time outdoors. They recognize life can get busy, and having ready-made products that are kind to your body and the planet is becoming more necessary for the average consumer. When they're not busy creating new recipes, you can find them camping, canoeing, or hiking throughout the many beautiful trails Vancouver Island has to offer. 

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Our Story

It all started with a dream. Literally.

Sean awoke one morning from a dream in which he started a business making trail mixes. In the dream he called it "Vancouver Island's Own", and he named each mix after the many wonderful hiking trails on Vancouver Island. When he told Mariah of this dream, she immediately thought it was a great idea, and jumped on board. Building onto this dream, she suggested that together they create unique and gourmet trail mixes which contained only the highest quality organic ingredients, and supported local farmers along the way.

The next few months were spent formulating and perfecting recipes, tasting one too many chocolate clusters, and researching important decisions like packaging options, vegan-friendly ingredients, and sourcing reliable, long-term suppliers on the island. Less than a year after Sean's dream, Vancouver Island's Own was ready to launch. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our Process

When starting this company, our first priority was to ensure a low carbon footprint, alongside the creation of nourishing products in sustainable packaging. Our second goal was to guarantee fresh, unique, local, organic, and plant-based foods for our community.

We truly feel that we have accomplished both.


We believe in transparency, and think all consumers have the right to know where their food is coming from. We are proud to source all of our packaging through a Canadian company; our nuts and seeds are always sourced fresh during the most recent harvest from both Canadian and Californian farms; the vegan chocolate and maple syrups in our clusters are made in Ontario; our oats are grown and milled in BC and/or Alberta; and the premium dehydrated and freeze-dried berries which make our trail mixes and granolas so special are picked fresh from local farms, and processed by us, right here on Vancouver Island.

In an effort to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, we have decided against shipping our delectable foods, and instead have made them available at local store fronts and farmers markets throughout Vancouver Island. We also offer local delivery within 8km of our Moss Street Market stall location.  

Our Process
Acorn shaped bowl full of Mt. Washington trail mix made by Vancouver Island's Own in Victoria BC
Carousel bowl of nuts, seeds, and freeze dried fruits made by Vancouver Island's Own in Victoria BC
Sets of young and old hands holding trail mix made by Vancouver Island's Own in Victoria BC
Acorn shaped bowl full of Vancouver Island trail mix made by Vancouver Island's Own in Victoria BC
Both of owners of Vancouver Island's Own posing at a farmers market
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