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Fall Is Here! October Eco-Challenge & Seasonal Product Release

We've just wrapped up Spend-Free September, and it was certainly one of our biggest eco-challenges so far. We're grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a month really evaluating our spending habits, recognizing where our impulse-buying comes into play, and how to react to those situations in a healthy and planet-loving way. Referring to our 'eco-checklist' we posted at the beginning of September was helpful in redirecting our spending (or eliminating it altogether), but we also came to terms with the fact that there are certain things that simply need to be purchased, eco-challenge or not (we're looking at you, ballet uniform for little one's dance class). We did manage to sizeably cut down on our grocery purchases this month, and noted that sourcing natural, seasonal goods directly from your local farmers is one of the best ways to accomplish this. We are so grateful to live in a city which puts such an emphasis on local food production and makes farm-fresh goods so readily available to the average consumer. Chances are, you already know of a local farmers market in your area, but in case you don't, check out this handy guide.

Now that October is finally here, we're super excited to be launching our next monthly eco-challenge, along with our delicious seasonal granola, CHAI PUMPKIN PIE! This granola is seriously delicious, with its exotic chai-spiced oats, puffed brown rice, pumpkin seeds, and pecans, tossed with creamy freeze-dried vegan pumpkin pie cubes. We can't think of a better celebration of flavours to welcome in the fall!

October is a great time to start settling into the autumn mood, and we have been loving all of the bright colors of various pumpkins & squashes (along with fresh berries... what a weird start to the season!) at the farmers market this past week. By refining our spending skills throughout September, we're ready to focus on our new month's eco-challenge, LIVING LOCAL.

What does living local mean, and how does it help the planet? Well, it reduces our carbon footprint, for starters. It's a no-brainer that buying food, clothing, and other household supplies often creates quite the carbon footprint when you factor in the how and where it was made, how it got to where you're purchasing it from, and how it gets to your home from your purchase point. All this can add up to a lengthy amount of mileage via transportation (planes, ships, trains, and trucks), as well as lots of other not-so-fun aspects like what kind of hazardous byproducts are created from the commercial production of your household goods, what these products end of life is (broken plastics and household chemicals heading to the landfill? No thanks.), and how it contributes to soil degradation/lack of biodiversity through inorganic and GMO farming methods.

By supporting local, organic farmers, local clothing producers, and local refillery shops for planet-friendly cleaning and personal care, we're committing to leading a more conscious lifestyle, and taking care to consider the health of future generations on our beautiful planet. Join us this October for our LIVING LOCAL eco-challenge, and post/share your favourite local stores, farmers, producers, and makers of fabulous eco-friendly goods. We'd love to watch your journey to conscious consumption unfold! Feel free to tag us at @vancouverislandsown with the hashtag #livelocal. And don't forget to pick up your consciously-created limited edition Chai Pumpkin Pie Granola while you're at it!

Vancouver Island’s Own is a family-owned and operated business specializing in gourmet, vegan, and organic granola & trail mix, handmade with love in Victoria, BC. We believe in encouraging others to explore and connect with the environment in order to ensure our collective well-being.

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