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6 Monthly Challenges to Save the Planet

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Here at Vancouver Island's Own, we do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint while providing nutritious (and delicious) snack foods which are catered towards a wide range of dietary preferences, all while living and breathing conscious action within our business model and personal lives. It can be overwhelming, at times, to take so many things into consideration before making seemingly simple decisions, but the time it takes for us to consider all the options is worth it if the planet is happy with the outcome.

We know how hard it can be to keep on top of personal and professional goals. You may say you want to cut down on meat, but that gourmet hamburger starts calling your name within a few days. Want to preserve water? You might start taking 5-minute-long showers, but sooner or later that jacuzzi tub is looking awfully inviting. Perhaps you've decided to make an effort to start cycling to work, only to have your spirits dampened during an especially long bout of rainy weather.

We get it, it's tough. We have all been found guilty of trying our best while feeling like it's never enough. I, personally, always feel more organized and dedicated to a specific cause when I set clear goal posts and timelines that are easy to follow. After all, signing up for a 7-day boot camp is probably going to get you into shape a lot faster than simply thinking about how you should exercise more often. When we set clear and realistic goals for ourselves, it tends to be a lot easier to show up than setting vague expectations for how our lives should be. And that is why we have created a 6-month-long set of challenges to help us re-wire and stay on track with our eco-friendly goals, and we'd like to invite you to join us!

For the next 6 months, we have created a list of 6 unique monthly goals to help us stay on track with our eco-friendly business practices - rest assured, we will be carrying these over into our personal lives as well! We will announce each of these monthly goals here on our blog as well as across our social media platforms, so be sure to follow us on instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! We are so excited to finish off the remaining year with conscious, creative, and planet-loving challenges, and hope we can inspire you to do the same.

We'll start off with our first month,


Plastic-free July is an initiative started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation) in Western Australia back in 2011. Since then, it has grown into a globally-recognized event which millions of people take part in every year. The goal is to eliminate single-use plastics in your personal and work life for the entire month of July (and hopefully forever)!

Because we are already a zero-waste and plastic-free company (woohoo!), we wanted to take this a step further by committing to zero plastic - reusable or not - for the month of July. This means no prepared foods purchased in recyclable plastic packaging, no miscellaneous items that come out of a hard plastic casing, no produce packaged in recyclable plastic wrap, not even any fruit with a plastic sticker slapped on top! We'll be opting for homemade kombucha to avoid the hard plastic caps on the glass bottles in stores, fresh sourdough from local bakeries to avoid the plastic-wrapped loaves at the grocery store, and tons of fresh food from our amazing local farmers who don't need to wrap everything up to keep it fresh for weeks! We won't be buying or using anything made with plastic all month, and we're going to give you plenty of updates on how to source plastic-free items around town. For now, zero plastic will be making its way into our garbages OR recycling this month, and that is something we can feel pretty darn good about.

Vancouver Island's Own is a family-owned and operated trail mix and granola company based out of Victoria, BC. We are known for hand-crafting unique, organic, vegan, gourmet food products inspired by various hiking trails throughout Vancouver Island. Visit us

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