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Snack Foods

Vancouver Island's Own trail mix and granola in Victoria BC

Taste The Difference

Locally Sourced

We gather as many local, sustainably-sourced ingredients

as possible when it comes to

the making of our gourmet snack foods. To read more about our sourcing process, please click here.   

100% Organic Ingredients

All of our recipes begin with 100% certified organic and plant-based ingredients. We believe in supporting farmers and companies who share the same values as us, respecting and protecting the land they work on.

Emphasis On Freshness

Say goodbye to rancid nuts! All of our trail mixes and granolas are crafted with freshly harvested nuts, seeds, and fruit. Our products are then vacuum-sealed in glass jars to ensure everything stays as fresh as possible. 

Discover What Goes Into Each Batch

Based out of beautiful Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island's Own is a small-batch, family-owned and operated gourmet snack food company, specializing in unique trail mixes and granolas. We approach the making of our products as consciously as we provide a nourishing meal for our families: with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. We maintain a focus on sustainability and a low carbon footprint throughout our company, from the ingredients and creation of our delectable products, to our packaging and delivery process. We take care to reduce our environmental impact as much as humanly possible and to ensure that our products benefit your body, mind, and taste buds.


We extend our gratitude to the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations communities for allowing us to work, play, and share this corner of the garden with them, and appreciate the opportunity to provide Vancouver Island with sustainable food options.

Granola label for Vancouver Island's Own variety of granola

With a variety of delicious and unique combinations of flavours and freeze-dried fruit, our 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free granolas are begging to be devoured!

Granola slogan for Vancouver Island's Own snack foods
Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Granola

A mixture of chocolate hazelnut granola, with just a hint of espresso and local freeze-dried raspberries

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Blueberry Maple Pecan Granola

A unique mixture of vanilla and cardamom-infused granola, with pumpkin seeds and hemp, tossed with local freeze-dried blueberries

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Cinnamon Apple Pie Granola

A comforting mixture of oats and pecans, with chopped freeze-dried apples, baked to perfection with warming spices, just like a homemade apple pie!

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Peanut Butter Banana Granola

A classic mixture of PB-drenched granola with chopped peanuts, almonds, and flavourful clusters of freeze-dried bananas

Explore Flavours
Trail Mix banner from Vancouver Island's Own

Whether you're on the on-the-go, in the office, or hosting an event,
our 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free trail mix is the perfect anytime snack!

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Mt. Washington Trail Mix

A creamy blend of dry-roasted cashews, pecans, and macadamia nuts, with our signature white chocolate covered granola clusters and freeze-dried berries

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Vancouver Island Trail Mix

A classic blend of dry-roasted almonds, walnuts, and cashews, with milk chocolate-covered PB-granola, freeze-dried banana, and toasted coconut ribbons

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own Juan De Fuca Trail Mix

A decadent blend of dry-roasted brazil nuts, cinnamon almonds, and salted pistachios, with our signature espresso dark chocolate granola clusters and unsweetened tart cherries

Jar of Vancouver Island's Own West Coast Trail Mix

A delightfully savory blend of 'cheesy' roasted cashews, tamari almonds, sesame granola clusters, and

toasted nori strips

Snack food banner from Vancouver Island's Own

With a protein-packed base of oats, nuts, and seeds, our 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free granola clusters are the perfect snack to satisfy all your cravings!

We offer free delivery on orders over $75, within 8km of Moss Street Market in Victoria, BC. Delivery fees apply to orders under $75 (and must also remain within our delivery radius in Victoria, BC). Place your order today!

You can arrange for local pickup at the Moss Street Market every Saturday year-round, even when we aren't physically present! Simply place an order through Local Line and select which day and products you would like to pickup.

For a comprehensive list of locations, dates, and times at which to find us at various farmers markets throughout Greater Victoria, please click here!

Discover which stores, markets, fairs, and tourism shops now stock our products. 

Fresh nuts and freeze dried fruit spinning on a carousel in Victoria BC

Fellow Islanders...

Two sets of hands holding Vancouver Island's Own trail mix in Victoria BC

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Acorn shaped bowls of Vancouver Island's Own trail mixes in Victoria BC

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One set of hands holding Vancouver Island's Own trail mix in Victoria BC

From Our Hands
To Yours

From decadent vegan chocolate clusters and freeze-dried fruits to our toasted seaweed and savory roasted nuts, each of our unique trail mixes are packed with flavour combinations that will envelop your taste buds. All batches are hand made with love, by us. 

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